The Fortezza da Basso in Florence – new technologies for surveying and restoration

Fortezza da Basso in Florence is one of the principal examples of 16th century military architecture in Italy. 
The City Council of Florence has promoted the development of an interdisciplinary process of acknowledgement, a preliminary step to future restoration projects and a functional recovery of the factory. 
This documentary, directed by Franco Montanari, illustrates researches conducted by the GeCo Lab of the University of Florence, the Military Geographic Institute, the National Research Council (Institute for the Preservation and Enhancement of the Cultural heritage). 
Using the newest technologies of acquisition and analysis, the GeCo Lab, directed by Grazia Tucci, has realized a virtual model of the Fortress, which results in a rich archive of data relevant to the history, the techniques of construction, materials and the state of conservation of the fortifications. This represents a valuable tool for future projects for conservation and the enhancement of this historical monument. 

Subject: Grazia Tucci with the cooperation of Alessandro Conti and Lidia Fiorini 
Screenplay: Franco Montanari 
Digital Imaging: GeCo Lab 
Studio Camera: Gianluca Savi Video 
Editing: Guido Melis 
Music: Kai Engel (Licensed under Creative Commons) 
Voiceover: Voxon.net 
Director: Franco Montanari 
©Università degli Studi di Firenze 2017
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