The Pulpit of Giovanni Pisano in the Church of Sant’Andrea in Pistoia

The first part of this audio-visual presents Giovanni Pisano’s Pulpit in the church of Sant’Andrea in Pistoia. Both the work of art and its creator are situated in the context of Italian art from the late thirteenth to the early fourteenth century. The story continues by describing the problems concerning the conservation and the necessary restoration of the artwork.

Therefore, the video illustrates the 3D survey work carried out by the GeCo Laboratory (Geomatics for the environment and the Conservation of cultural heritage of the University of Florence). The researchers applied geomatic techniques (topography, laser scanning, photogrammetry) to create a high-resolution 3D model of the pulpit, which can be considered its “digital twin”.

This audiovisual product is part of the Pulpit of Giovanni Pisano in the church of Sant’Andrea, Pistoia, study, monitoring and restoration project by the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and the Department of Earth Sciences of the University of Florence, made possible thanks to a donation by the Friends of Florence.

Scientific content by: Grazia Tucci, with the collaboration of Valentina Bonora, Alessandro Conti, Lidia Fiorini, Adele Meucci
Director: Franco Montanari
Visual design and editing: Michele Brusutti
Filming: Alessandro Cerbai, Gianluca Savi (LaboratorioMultimediale – UNIFI)
Audio Editing: Guido Melis (Laboratorio Multimediale Music J. S. Bach, Matthäus Passion, “Erbarme dich, mein Gott” BWV 244. Transcription for organ by Benjamin Righetti. Organist Benjamin Righetti

Copyright 2021 Università degli Studi di Firenze

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