CIPA 2023 – Documenting, Understanding, Preserving Cultural Heritage. Humanities and digital technologies for shaping the future

Documenting, understanding, preserving cultural heritage

Humanities and digital technologies for shaping the future

In 2023, the 29th CIPA Digital Heritage symposium will take place in Florence, Italy. This video-program presents the symposium and introduces its topics. The humanistic approach, which incorporates so many forms of knowledge, allows us to understand, interpret and preserve the cultural heritage that has passed been to us through history. Cultural heritage is a resource which should be understood as the subject, not the object, of conservation and enhancement projects. Through technological innovation, heritage science can contribute to and obtain results for cultural heritage. In particular, digital technologies provide innovative contributions both for the conservation, restoration, regeneration and fruition of sites and for the broader spectrum of the cultural economy. To apply a similar concept more widely, we can speak of heritage-led innovation when cultural heritage creates the conditions for the social, economic and cultural progress of communities and the places where they live. Therefore, the cultural heritage can provide new stories, shared experiences, meeting places and a knowledge of the past so that we can interpret and reflect on the evolution of our society in the face of global challenges. Scientific content: Grazia Tucci Director: Franco Montanari 3D Modelling and digital images: Alessandro Conti and Lidia Fiorini Editing: Guido Melis GeCoLab Communication Università degli Studi di Firenze – Laboratorio Multimediale – 2022 More information and updates on the CIPA2023 Conference website and social media.

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